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I wonder how many of you are book lovers. In today’s super digital world, do you even buy hard copy books? I have to admit I still do, as much as I enjoy listening to books on Audible, I still spend time in bookstores and buy a few books.  

Some books that I have bought still on the shelf or on page 11….have to admit I do feel guilty when I buy the book and don’t finish it. 

But something very opposite had happened last week.

I purchased the latest Seth Godin book: “This is marketing“. OMG, I could not put it down.

I was staying up late at night and waking up early just to read the next chapter. I was taking the book to yoga classes just to read an extra page if I had a spare minute before the class. I highlighted lines and was making notes as I go. Seth has been one of my heroes and mentors for many years and his current views in Marketing in his latest book are so refreshing and much needed. “Marketing had changed, but our understanding of what we’re supposed to do next hasn’t kept up.”

Here are some “golden nuggets” that you also might find interesting.

“It doesn’t make any sense to make a key and then run around looking for a lock to open. The only productive solution is to find a lock and then fashion a key.”

“Being marketing driven it’s a dead end. The alternative is to be market-driven – to hear the market. You think a lot about the hopes and dreams of your customers and their friends. Being market-driven lasts.”

“I made this” is a very different statement than, ”What do you want?”
“Better is up to the users, not up to you.”

Now back to branding and merchandise …how many of us know or have data on what our customers like? Who is making a decision on ordering product X or Y? Wouldn’t it be better if we find out what our customers would like and would use before we order another widget branded with our logo?
Here are three things to consider before you make your next purchasing decision:

  • Does the product represents your brand
  • Does it cause tension? If it doesn’t it’s boring
  • Is it useful for the receiver

For those who are interested to better understand their customers, we are happy to share WOW questions checklist that one of our clients have been using with outstanding results.

Just email info@impero.com.au to get a copy.After all, we are here for “Doing work that matters for people who care.”

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