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I would like to share some insights on an interesting conversation I recently had. The topic of the discussion was Loyalty. And how there is no more loyalty nowadays. What do you think? 

The definition of loyalty as per the English dictionary: “a strong feeling of support or allegiance”.

Where does loyalty come from? Can we expect it from our clients? What makes someone loyal ?

Remember in the old days when we had traditional sales people, the ones who were coming to visit you a few times a year, called you, knew your family members by name, remember your birthday and favourite drink. After years these sales people become your friend and trusted adviser and YOU were a loyal customer.

Nowadays…. where do I start? Does any of the above happen? If you express interest or even bought something you will be in some sort of a database on the Cloud. And the only phone call you will ever get is probably just before your contract expires.

Nobody asks you if you’re happy with the purchase, nobody will surprise you or send you a gift for your birthday. Nobody even wants to listen if you have a complaint.

And then, when a customer who was ignored for months or years leaves …… we say: ‘ there is no loyalty’.

I see so many companies spending thousands of dollars on SEO and Google AdWords to attract new customers while totally ignoring the existing customers. 

Do we really need new clients or can we just refocus our energy and budget to looking after, rewarding and surprising the one we already have? 

When was the last time you did something that made them say WOW? 

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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