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I’m busy, are you? Who isn’t, right?

How often do you hear the words, ‘I’m so busy!’? Especially now, with Christmas only a few weeks away. 

Why is there suddenly so much pressure? Deadlines, things to tidy up, to-do lists to complete. Who makes the rules? Who sets the timeline? Why has busyness become our norm? How do we work out what’s really important? 

Everything seems to be so urgent. We think we need it right now! But sometimes when I look back I think, did we? Really?

What’s on your mind right now? Is it important? Is it urgent? Maybe stop for a minute and think. Stop for a minute and prioritise. What’s really important to you right now? 

I hope your year has been a great one. Now it’s a perfect time to pause and reflect. Think about your wins, learn from the lessons and plan your goals for 2017. 

I’m off to Brisbane for a vision and planning retreat. Look forward to reconnecting upon my return. 

Speak soon.  Oksana

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