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Oksana is the ultimate one shop stop for merch. She immediately and intuitively understands your needs, does all the hard work of wading through the myriad of overwhelming options available and quickly presents you with a limited and perfect selection of the best choices for your job at the best price and of the highest quality. She has saved my time (and sanity) on numerous occasions, and I highly recommend her. Thank you, Oksana!

Lisa Lipson

Oksana. One thing that would come out of my lips when I think of Oksana is….”WOW! This woman knows her stuff.”

She’s witty, creative and knows the ins and outs of not only good, but effective marketing. She has a fountain of amazing ideas that businesses could tap into if they want to have marketing materials that are trendy and catchy. Oksana has a vast knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to capturing the attention of your target audience. She has the ability to create something big from the smallest idea and make it long lasting.

Whatever your project is – professional, social or personal, Oksana can surely take one simple material to an impressive one.

Above all, Oksana has excellent people skills and her willingness to walk an extra mile just to make sure you get the best service is commendable.

Jen Harker

I’ve known Oksana over the years now and every time I speak to her i feel like my mind gets blown into pieces (in the good kind).

Her creativity and her personality combined always is a joy to observe and I can’t imagine any campaign with her ever lacking in success. I believe this is also because bundled behind the artistic genius… is another secret weapon of a skillset that many creatives (at least that I know of) may be lacking in… And that is the the aptitude to create ideas and campaigns that are data based, measurable and aims to bring objective and quantifiable positive results.

Would definitely recommend anyone considering working with Oksana to take the plunge… And be prepared to be delighted!

David Ji

I invited Oksana to present some ideas to one of my clients regarding how we could use “lumpy mail” to cut through to a hard to reach C-suite audience. Her ideas were outside the box, and eye opening. If you’re looking for an expert to bring some fresh thinking to your next direct marketing campaign, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Oksana.

Scott Bywater

Amazing energy! Oksana left me feeling enlightened and inspired after presenting to our team. She’s full of creative and unique ideas – get’s you thinking outside the box! The smile didn’t leave my face 😊

Hannah Almouiee

After every interaction I have with Oksana, I walk away inspired and motivated. Her understanding of creating a personalised, meaningful customer experience through clever, strategic brand merch, is second to none. A true brand partner invested in your success.

Sarah Ferraina

Oksana seems to have an endless supply of ideas coming out of that genius of a mind she has, not to mention a boundless supply of energy. If she could bottle her special brand of creativity and business savvy I’d be the first to step up and buy a lifetime supply. They don’t call her the marketing maverick for nothing.

Jane Turner

Absolutely adore Oksana’s energy ! She makes my day every time we catch up. A valuable partnership to have with such a marketing guru ! Full of great new ideas and positive vibes.

We had Oksana present to our Sales Team and Account Management Team and everyone was blown away.

Melanie Coint-Bavarot