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It’s October, not quite yet, but almost.

Just think about it for a moment. 

You might start thinking about Christmas giving. It’s time to make a decision. Should we do it this year? What should we give? Maybe let’s google hideousgiftsonline.com

Get your assistance to just pick SOMETHING, she might suggest adding a company logo is a good idea. She “knows” a lot about marketing from a two weeks YouTube course that she completed last week. Order placed, tick the box. So-called it GIFT went out.

A few weeks later your clients receive the THING. How do they feel when they open the box? Does it awaken a positive emotion? Does it make them feel excited and go around and show and tell others?

Honestly, if this is the approach you are taking, may I suggest doing nothing? What is the point of sending standard, printed charity cards with the same message to all? We don’t even have the luxury of office blinds available to hang them on this year. It means nothing, not to you, not to your clients. If you are really keen to support the charity, send your clients an email with the title: Sorry, we are not sending you a Christmas card this year. We send $1800 that we usually spend on it to the XYZ charity. Best wishes for Christmas.

Or take a vote and ask your clients what charity they would like you to support. Pick the three most popular and split $1800 to these three. Imagine how much it would mean for that charity, people in need and most importantly, your clients.

We have 52 weeks a year to surprise and delight our customers, why would you pick the week when EVERYONE else does it? 

Here is a list of some cool, not traditional holidays.

Imagining creating a campaign around one of these days? Do you think it brings a BUZZ of energy to your clients and your business?

Did you know that October 1 is a World Smile Day? Can we do something fun, crazy and random to celebrate every single day of the year? Would it make our team and clients smile, a little happier, engaged?

Need help? Feel free to get in touch to pre-order a copy of EVERY Day’s a Holiday calendar 2022.


Creativity is intelligence having fun

– Albert Einstein
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