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A traditional method of decorating products, embroidery stands the test of time due to it’s effectiveness in enhancing logos.
Embroidery adds value to any product or promotion.
The test of size with embroidery is the number of 1,000 stitches per square inch of area and not the number of colours in the logo or how wide it might be.
Used for caps, polos, corporate apparel, towels and bags.


This process is best used for a single or multi colour logo which can be easily applied to products with direct screening. The best way to print larger areas such as tee shirts, bags, beach balls.

Decorating is achieved by pressing ink through a fine mesh screen, leaving a colour imprint on the fabric’s surface. High visibility at a low cost!


A specialised screen printing process designed to apply prints to curved surfaces such as drink bottles or pens.


Multi-colour logos are applied to products through the use of transfers. Logos are first reverse-screened onto a paper like material. The complete logo is then applied to the fabric’s surface with heat & pressure.


The new technology of digital transfers allows for the production of more detailed logos, or the reproduction of photo quality finishes. The images are printed directly onto the transfer and then applied to the fabric’s surface with heat and pressure.
Works well on mouse mats, calendars, coasters and bar runners.


Literally a sophisticated rubber stamping process used to apply logos in 1 or more colours. Size limitations apply but this is your most economic method of applying logos to smaller products.
Suitable when the area of the item is small or restrictive such as pens, golf balls, usb sticks etc.


No ink is used in this process. Immense pressure is applied to the product surface and the image or logo is literally pressed into the material. Best suited to leather and certain leather look materials.


Used to decorate diaries and compendiums to give a shiny metallic finish.


Engraving is the selective removal of the surface of a material. Usually to effect decoration, or otherwise convey information of some kind. Engraving can be performed on any number of materials. Engraving is performed in a number of ways: by hand with either a manual or mechanised tool (hand engraving), by machining or milling – either manually operated or computer operated(machine/mechanical/rotary engraving) or Laser Engraving. So basically if it is metal we can engrave it. Whether it is raw metal – like a stainless steel travel mug or coated/painted/lacquered/anodised metal such as found on some metal pens & key rings – we can provide a permanent, attractive mark for your logo or message.


Your logo is made into a badge and then attached to the merchandise. Great for diaries and belts.

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