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Choice. How much is enough?

I was at the beauty salon last week… a special treat for myself on my birthday.

When you walk into the salon the first thing they say: choose the colour. Then they send you to the wall with all the nail polish displays or give you pallets of colour swatch.

I love people watching … ( free theatre …. for those who don’t want to spend money on the real thing).

So there was a girl next to me in the process of choosing the colour. The whole table was covered with colour swatches, with over a dozen on each pallet and the beautician just keep bringing more and more. And more…. I would say it’s taking her over 10 minutes… still no decision.

I was so curious… I asked the salon lady: how many colours do you have in your range?

She said over 400. People like choices.

Over 400?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!

Even 50 shades of grey become boring when you have a choice of 400 nail polish colours.

It made me think? How many choices is enough?

Does it really help or add value to our clients?

Does it really help our business?

It may be a personal or a cultural thing (or may be the Libra star sign thing) but my philosophy is: “keep it simple” because “you confuse them, you lose them!”

If I want to read, I would go to the library or bookstore not to the restaurant to read a 20-page menu and 10-page wine list.

When a client comes to us, as an expert, my job is to know what is available and to offer the best solution. Surely, we always make a couple of suggestions to choose from but I guarantee that if we offer 10 conference bags to choose from not only we confuse the client, we are actually making their lives more difficult.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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