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The top 200 advertisers in the U.S. spent over $157.9 Billion on ads in 2018. When you’ve got those resources it’s easy to play the awareness game. But there is more than one way to become both top of mind and close to heart. What could you commit as part of your advertising budget in order to get closer to your customers?

What makes a compelling brand, an unforgettable book, or a piece of music that moves us is what the creator has chosen to leave out. The silence between two notes. As the composer Gustavo Santaolalla said “Not playing is sometimes more difficult.”

Knowing which notes to play is what makes all the difference.

Our job isn’t to play every possible note. It’s to play one note every day that we’re proud to have played.

What note are you going to play this year, this season, this month, this week?


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