about impero

creating a real connection between your brand & your clients

Make your brand memorable with sensational souvenirs your clients love and use, and your competitors will want to steal. With our rebellious imagination, we have the courage to do things differently, because if they’re not different, they’re not interesting. Now your brand can leverage our creativity. Each product is customised and captures the unexpected, sparks a laugh and ignites joy. Let’s unlock the WOW of YOUR brand together.

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Learn how impero creates the connection
between your brand and your client

who we are

we are:

we are passionate
we are strategic
we are crafted custom details
we are charismatic
we are imaginative
we are quirky
we are dynamic
we are knowledgable
we are experiental
we make you chuckle
we are memorable
we are capable
we are head turning
we are rational

we are not:

we are not indifferent
we are not flippant
we are not commonplace
we are not constrained
we are not uninspired
we are not corporate
we are not dull
we are not uninformed
we are not superficial
we are not super serious
we are not forgettable
we are not unreliable
we are not invisible
we are not transactional

why we exist

We exist to make you the “It-Girl” of your industry. We partner with you to deliver strategic, clever and useful merch that works and makes YOUR brand shine.

Imagine bringing the X factor that WOWs your audience?

Our goal is to make you look good and brand your name in your people’s minds. Let’s make more unforgettable moments.

who needs to know

Those who are brave and looking to do things differently. (please, not another freaking drink bottle).

Maybe it’s for flamingos in a flock of pigeons. Maybe you don’t have time to do it yourself. Maybe you don’t know where to start.

If you are looking for a creative partner who will make you look good and deliver a WOW experience with cool merch you will glad we found each other.