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Make your brand memorable with sensational souvenirs your clients love and use, and your competitors will want to steal. We have the courage to do things differently, because if they’re not different, they’re not interesting. Now your brand can leverage our creativity. Each product is customised and captures the unexpected, sparks a laugh, a conversation and ignites joy. Let’s unlock the WOW of YOUR brand together.

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Impero has extensive experience in supplying unique and memorable merchandise to the events industry; including major events (both sporting & cultural), conferences, product launches, corporate functions and award nights

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Impero Branded Merchandise


To achieve the best results we create a full project brief. We focus on your target market, message and desired outcome. We make sure that your brand values are consistent throughout the whole process.
Impero Branded Merchandise


Our experienced creative team will develop a complete product range based on your brief. Impero will present you with the best options for local or overseas production.
Impero Branded Merchandise


We oversee the entire production process for you: from artwork design; approval; sampling; packaging and distribution. We schedule production to meet your deadline.
Impero Branded Merchandise


Australia wide delivery. Impero guarantees quality and on time delivery for every job.

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Impero Branded Merchandise

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Impero Branded Merchandise

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